Red Cliffs SNAP

Welcome to the St George, Utah Red Cliffs Special Needs Group website. We meet at 1155 1400 W St George, UT 84770 on Thursdays at 7:00 pm.
Contact Ray DePrizio for more information.
(801) 971-6652

2024 Roadshow

The Hero in Me

Rodeo and Petting Zoo

You can see that this brings so much joy to our participants and even those helping. Thanks to Sharlene and Cindy for their efforts in making this a HUGE success. November 2023

Honoring our Veterans

We learned about the Vietnam War and sang patriotic songs and learned how lucky we are to be Americans. November 2023

Halloween 2023

Temple Decorating

We learned about Temples around the World and made And decorated Temples then the next week we went to the St George Temple Open House ~ September 2023

2023 Roadshow

What a Wonderful World

Febuary 9th

Having fun singing and roasting large marshmallows.

Talent Show 2023

Held January 19th

2022 Prom

This was our joint activity with the Bloomington Hills Special Needs Group

Hosted by: Joe Neuman

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